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I bought my iPad in Japan the day before leaving for the Philippines. It worked fine for a day or so and then started randomly moving the screen, pressing buttons, etc without me touching the screen. I brought it to an authorized apple provider, Power Mac Center, who did diagnostics and confirmed it was defective hardware.


I was told to call the 1-800 number from a PLDT line but I do not have access to it. The folks at the Power Mac center told me they would escalate my claim to apple and to expect a call in the next two days. That was two weeks ago.


I tried to enter my issue into the online help center but the data field does not accept my phone number; it says "enter a valid phone number".


Can somebody please help me get my iPad shipped in for service or will it be better just to war a month until I'm back in Japan to return it?


Thank you.

iPad mini , iOS 6.1.3