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This is a weird one:  all has been fine, until today.  I enter a new event on my iCal (either on the iPad or iPhone), and immediately, it decides that I am inviting myself via another email acct (which, unfortunately, my coworkers can read). I have to either: 1) accept the invitation and have duplicate listings, and then change the calendar to my more private one, or 2) decline, in which case both the original event and the invitation are fried.  (Choice 2 is obviously not viable). Curiously, I can enter events on my macbook iCal with no problem--works as it should.  It also works fine when I go onto the google calendars and enter the events.  I have tried deleting the calDAVs and than adding them.  I don't see anything like this on the forums as of yet.  I am not syncing or using the cloud (calendars are shut off in my iCloud settings)  Any thoughts?


I have often found Apple does not play so well with Google. In the past I used a nice app called CalenGoo.  Maybe I will just go back to it.


iPad 2, iOS 6.1