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I get the gray screen, and then the spinning wheel, but then it just turns off (about 10 seconds after the spinning wheel appears).  I tried safe mode and resetting the DV/PRAM but each time, it just turns off.   In the case of the DV/PRAM, this did reset as now I hear the startup sound (previously it had been muted) so something is working.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Hi Tim, what shows as boot choives if you hold alt at bootup?


    Can you boot from your 10.5 Install Disc using the c key?

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    I just see the Macintosh HD.  If I select this it just goes to the same gray screen with the apple logo, spinning wheel and then turns off.


    Also I tried target disk mode on the broken computer.  The firewire symbol appears, but I can't see it on my new computer (MBP with OS X Mountain lion).  If I then reboot the new computer and look for boot choices (Alt at bootup) I can see the broken laptop as an external hard drive, but when I select it, evething hangs.


    I don't think I have the 10.5 install disk (moved house and country several times).

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    With the broken one in target mode, pull & reconnect the Firewire cable to see if the MBP then sees it after a bit.