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I have an old Apple Macbook system 10.6.8 it is too old for the new Iwork system.


On Christmas Eve it crashed and I had it sent in for a new hard drive replacement as the old was shot and no longer booted up.

Upon getting the computer back I noticed Iwork 08 had reverted to trial mode. I hunted down and could not find my Install key so

I went to ebay and bought a new Iwork08 for install. I than proceded to type in the new product serial number when I recieved the box in the mail.


All was great until this morning. Suddenly its back to expired Trial and when I check about registration the site is now down and I can not resubmit my numbers to unlock my program to continue use. I needed to print stuff for my job and and now I can't do my work because of this.


I also do not have it in my budget to even consider the purchase of a new computer as of Yet. I really need to get the stuff I already have back working. Does anyone have a solve for this?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Iwork 08
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    The Number should beon the box, isn't it?

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    yes it is, yet nothing works and we found the old box as well for the original and still I can not type it in

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    Try this link to get an iWork 08 trial. When it is insrtalled try the serial number you have.


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    my computer will not even open the download from that site it tells me that it is invalid

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    Anyone have an idea on what to do about this?

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    Could you please in more detail describe how and what you downloaded? I can't see your computer and also what is IT that is invalid?

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    the previous post before the inaccurate download one provided a link to a download site. there were iwork08 trial files attached to that link with the tag:  iWork08Trial.dmg


    I followed that persons advice and downloaded but when I went to click on the download it told me the file was invalid and could not be opened.


    As it stands I already have Iwork08 on my computer is used to be the full version that my hard drive had to break down during winter break. After a new hard drive had been placed in and a file restoration took place, Iwork 08 reverted back to the trial mode. When I went to the pages menu ou know that link to the left of the file menu in the top bar and selected the register pages link it gives me this page http://register.apple.com/html/Apple-ProductRegistration.html If you look at that link you will see the words

    The Apple Product Registration Website is Closed.


    Thus I am still in my predicament as before. I have 2 registration codes, my families original 5computer family pack code set that I could not find til the other day and someone's code set from the unopened iwork08 box I bought from ebay last week because I could not find my original til the other day. Either way I can not input any registration code due to the fact apple's link is not valid plus my computer apparently no longer opens files labeled with dmg tags.


    My situation is that I need this program back up and working to full extent as I use it for work.Those of you who say I should forget it and upgrade to iwork 09 need to realize that as stated in the first part my MacBook Is an old one the Opporating system is 10.6.8 and guess what Iwork09 is not an option cause the app store refuses to download to that system it requests the latest. Also due to the current condition of this computer there is no way for me to consider upgrading.


    Thus my predicament of needing to get this product registered and used fully again as it should have been since  the hard drive crash. This is what I need help with, finding how to get it functional again.

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    Yes, I know the registration site is closed. Sorry!


    Did you use the Split&Concat application to fuse the iWork parts"? If you could be more specific it would help.

    I have no problem downloading and open the iWork08 .dmg. iWork 08 works also on the latest system so that shouldn't be a problem.


    Are you sure that you have Snow Leopard? Which version of MacBook do you have? Did you download the folder iWork08trial? That is what you want.

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    Yes I am very sure and what do you mean by more specific thats everything. What the world is the Split& Concat application, Ive been using apple computers for over a decade and never heard of it.


    I am giving up on this discussion it is obviously not going anywhere. I put in an appointment for later today for the local apple store thats an hours drive away and i will bring the computer and serial key and see what they can do about it at the Genius Bar.

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    Sorry that I can't help you more.


    If you had downloaded the iwork08trial from the link I gave you you would have gotten the Split&Concat application together with the 6 iwork08 parts.

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    It said nothing of that at the link and also did not download it with the items, I followed the links and there was nothing else there other than various other iwork related items

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    Click on the link I gave you https://www.box.com/shared/00qnssoyeq2xvc22ra4k/1/249557525

    You get this and more

    Bild 2013-04-06 kl. 19.25.59.png


    Double click on the folder iwork08trial and get this

    Bild 2013-04-06 kl. 19.26.23.png


    Click on the button Download

    You'll get a iwork08trial folder in your Download folder. Open it and read the Readme file

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    As far as I know, you don't have to register your copy of iWork, which is what that link you posted says. You just need to activate it by entering the serial number. I just checked this with an older version that I had never activated, but I believe iWork '08 works the same. You don't use the item in the Pages menu to enter the serial number.


    If you have a working trial version and launch one of the apps, it should bring up a splash screen that contains two buttons with a choice of working as a trial or "Buy Now." If you choose "Buy Now" it brings up the panel where you enter the serial number. As you work through the panels in this process, the last one gives you a choice to "Register now" or "Register later." If you choose "Register later," it will complete the activation without bothering the (no longer working) registration server.