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new to imac .. using finder I cannot see where my files went   I only moved 900mb of document files from an IBM but I cannot see where the files went on my imac

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    Did you use Migration Assistant?

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    Did you use Setup Assistant when you initially started the computer or Migration Assistant after the computer was up and running? Setup assistant files will be in your user folder. Migration Assistant creates a new user account which would require you to logout and log in to that user account.

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    Welcome to iMac!


    If you go to the Finder and choose to open a new window (File > New Finder Window) then you can start by looking at the All My Files search on the left side of the finder window (that's the Sidebar). If you know where you copied your IBM documents, you should be able to look inside that specific folder.


    The Sidebar should display your Home (that's the listing that has your account nickname on it and shows a house icon). If you click on that then your window will show the folders to which you have access (such as Documents).


    If after looking at these you still cannot find these documents, then it is possible you may have moved them to some folder outside of your user account home. In that case, go to Spotlight (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right) and start typing the name of one of these missing documents. Spotlight should list it in the results. If you hover your cursor over the name of the file for a few seconds, then you will get a display of the entire path of the file and you can follow that. If you Command-click on the name of the file, you should open the enclosing folder it resides in.


    Hope this helps!

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    thank you for your help ..... got the assistant working but it hangs up on one of the files being transfered .. I deleted the file on the windows computer ..tried again but it hung up on another file ... getting an external hard drive to transfer .... thanks again