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I have used my FCP 6 for years no problems until today. I have done a full removal and reinstall of both final cut and quicktime but still final cut will not open and shows an alert that the minimum requirements for the vram are not being met (must be 64 and tells me I have 0). The 'about this mac' shows the ATI card is present and has 256vram.


Any Ideas? Its driving me mad, I have been installing and reinstalling for hours and removing and putting back the prefs and the minsys.plist etc etc etc




powermac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    You can usually get out of that by pressing the "esc" key.

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    HI Nick,


    Thanks for your suggestion. After trying this and everything else and speaking to an Apple tech who could offer no solution either I reinstalled my OS system, I had to do a full erase as the overwrite option would not work. It worked! The system profiler now shows that the graphic card is fully compliant and after updating all the software to the versions I had before it all runs perfect.


    Obviously there must have been a bug in the OS but no body it seems knows any other method of correcting the problem.