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I have been using Garage Band to create a sound track for a Keynote presentation. I imported a number of songs from iTunes into Garage Band and placed them in two tracks, using the volume controls on each track to transition from one song to another. In doing so, I ran into two issues.

1) I got the timing of some of the musical pieces just right, but others were either too long or too short for the accompanying slides in Keynote. If one section was too long or too short, but other sections of the soundtrack were just right, there was no way to select the region representing all that was just right and move that either forward or backward on the timeline WITH the volume changes on the tracks. I could move the musical pieces, but then the volume changes that created the transition from one song segment to another were in the wrong place on the timeline.

2) To deal with the first problem, I thought about making multiple copies of my Garage band project and then delete the segments before and after the segment that was correct. But if, for example, I want to use only the part of the project from 4:30 to 6:25 on the time line, there is no way to delete the first 4 and a half minutes and delete what comes after 6:30. I can remove everything before and after, but then I have a 4:30 segment with no sound before the segment I want.

It would seem that there should be an easy way to make this kind of edit in the program, but I couldn't figure out how. I'd appreciate any help.

G5 iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

G5 iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
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    1. Indeed, when you move regions, the volume curves don't move with them - you have to do it by hand. It annoys a lot of people.

    2. Of yourse you can select all regions and pull them to the left so your song starts at 0:00. But again, the volume curves won't move with them.

    To avoid this messing around, I'd suggest you first compose your music segments without volume curves, but with overlapping regions (you can shorten them so they only overlap where you later want to set the fade) and keep pushing them around until they fit your presentation. And do the crossfades only in the end when everything else is perfect.
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    2. But you can select all the Volume Curve points and drag them all the the left (Clicking in the Volume Curve area of the Header of the track selects all points in the curve)