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hey MaD Hatter I to start a new thread that other one wouldn't let me answer you..anyway I can find the size of the system is no System preference is all there is is the Apple Disk UTilit File edit images window and help under the apple tree at startup disk I don't want to take it though I'm starting to feel like I'm bugging people on here maybe I should bring it to the Genius Bar in go to my classes

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Typing on phone huh?


    Later today will take this up and let others know what it is we can do to help you


    Use DU Restore function to copy Volume A to another disk drive location.


    Not sure I would have gone with the Time Capsule, which will backup files and restore but not bootable.


    Old system / new system / backup data /

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    sales guy didTn't tell me that and I told him I was going to do .oh well bring it back on Monday when I do my . To 1 classI'm going to take it back then I haven't used it yet so which one should I get then the WesTern Digital.? also I record music should I have a second external backup cause I want that stuff to be real safe And be by itself. oh and I also got a clicked on a big error message that told me what it fixed when I did that stuff in su mode says I could send it to Apple should I.I'lltake a picture of it and send it to you;) That's Again..

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    you sent me that list of hard drives ready right I didn't read that until I already checked out the Apple Store playing with their Mac ML.. seeing the differences since I know I have Lion now whats the more I read might be better especially when you update  to mountain lion doesn't sound like people are having a good time with that.

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    dang I didn't know there was a limit on the point I can get out oh well I probably gave most of them to you. Ha..ChTy

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    I shop Amazon and their Western Digial Black as well as 10K VelociRaptor is a safe fast boot drive (250GB $100) which in price size performance is solid. $100 for 128GB Samsung SSD - may not notice much difference.


    WD Green 3TB for large backup in a drive bay.


    WD Black 1 or 2TB ($90 or $160) for data and media.


    Audio tracks and plugins love SSD. got the cash? 500GB $365 but 10K VR 500GB is only $140.


    Use all the drive bays. Local FW800 backup. TC seems like only made sense with LAN.

    I have Netgear 900Mb router with USB support for a backup and nice solid wifi.


    Always have more than one backup method, and let's have backup sets for the system :

    current backup of system you can boot from in ermergency

    backup from week ago

    backup from pre-10.8.3 (Lion or 10.8.2)

    backup data from last week / month


    TimeMachine -


    Some of those can be partitions on same drive. Duplcation. Redundancy.


    With tape backup tapes we would do backup to two tapes at once (concurrent) in case one tape failed.

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    okay I bring back the capsule and get the SSD and

    a bootable raptor And should I have Third one and what for?

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    you can keep the TC.


    You don't need an SSD or Raptor for getting started.


    2 WD Black drives would get you started.

    1 WD Green for backup - maybe in that OWC case I pointed to earlier.


    The SSD and Raptor are nice, one or the other for system.

    Later, put your audio tracks, plugins, libraries on an SSD or Raptor 500GB or see if WD Black handles them - depends on your level of performance requirements.


    Backups for everything. To restore the system. To protect data. To have protection from a drive failure or OS failure. Even to "test" a new program or software update. Production? don't always be first to install, and before you install backup and clone the system.


    I would invest in Carbon Copy Cloner if you have not already unless you have another program to clone the system and disk drives.

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    I will get carbon copy then also the way that you're saying to backup everything when I do the reinstall I don't have to be hooked up to Apple correct   from what I hear if you do have to use it its not going to complete the install Or be missing things.

    and what will the the capsule backup?

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    will do Thanks. Gonna start shopping for my hard driveS now . ...I didn't realize there was so many different types of hard drive I figured  The Tc Is Apple gotta be good ,which I'm sure it is, it just doesn't sound like what I Need, and I tripped out on the wireless part 2...

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    Ah, I would never buy RAM or hard drives or even external drive cases from Apple other than the Bluetooth or other internal essentials.  Gives some the feeling it is all Apple and tested and one place for support.


    No one ever lost a job recommending IBM in my day though others had equal or better and better prices (IBM OS on mainframes though was pretty much impossible to rival).


    For most people, a WD Black in whatever capacity is a good place to start and then learn, grow and branch out as you know your needs.


    The Voyager is handy device - a hdd docking station.


    USB2 is too slow and terrible for backups let alone anything serious in performance. Which is why - even though there are few if any good ones - in USB3 other than Macs where it is built in.


    Amazon, Newegg or maybe local brick and mortar store that you can see and handle and ask?

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    so the WD Black 2TB will be all I need to clone and reboot, (or wipe clean, not wanting to save anything and start fresh) and get going again right?  I just gonna go to Frys tommorow ..Ty again


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    That should do well, Amazon price is $159 and that is a lot of solid drive for the price.


    Building a new system from the foundation, with the OS and then all the updates and Apple programs you need, then pause: time to clone (CCC) and keep your nice new system backed up.


    Also a good time to start with a TimeMachine backup going as well.


    then on to finish all the installs you need.


    Of course you want 3-4 drives to do this with.



    clone of system / clone of data - split drive into 2-3 partitions


    spare or your current 1TB drive

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    OK, Im taking the  TC back, Im not liking what Im reading on it, now I have enough to get this combo, since you mentioned all three would be good mto have, the velociraptor 250gb 100$(SSD), WD black 1TB 90$, and WD green  3TB for back up  130$ at Amazon of course.. or revise if needed,,

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