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    Sounds good so just let us know after you have them - the 3TB is cheap enough even if overkill you can use 2TB for TimeMachine and 1TB for now to clone your WD 1TB, and squeeze in a small Mac OS partition as well - but that would mean you have "all your eggs in one basket" and you never want to drop basket of eggs. So that is one backup drive, even if safer with multiple backups.

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    So adding Another WD black 1 or 2 TB... or green WD would do it? not grasping it all yet, but just want to get the right HD's , then go from there ,,ty

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    The SSD or 10K WD VR are "optional" and for getting every ounce of performance.


    system - US$100 buys an SSD or 10K 250GB yes, so I tend to think those are so close to the 1TB Black


    data - 2x as large drive as your data, so if you have  a nearly full 1TB then a 2TB for data


    3TB Green for primary TimeMachine backup


    External 2TB for secondary backup


    Eventually I would hope you can reuse the 1TB you have as a backup drive.


    the nice thing about using just 3 x 1TB WD black is you can use them and swap how you use them for system and/or data - if they are large enough - and use as backup internally or in an external case


    and you looked for a nice solid external case or case + drive (FW800 / USB2 / eSATA) interfaces.

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    So lets see if I got this right.;) .Ill will  purchase for System- and top performance Velociraptor10k 250GB ...Data- 2x 1 TB Black  WD's, Primary back up for TM 3TB Green Primary , then external 2TB secondary back up

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    That is a good setup. There is no one size fits all.


    There is no real wrong answer hopefully / usually.


    Budget and needs and desired results.


    you can also change, add more, and recycle.


    Saying all that, I would be very comfortable with those.


    I myself only have 500GB of data and use a couple 1.5TB Green for backups (one external and one internal).

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    cool thanks that's what I'll get theN..thanks so much for your help and I'll  get back to you soon when i get those ;).... oh and you say You  Only have 500 GB of data does that mean you keep it streamlined purposely?

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    hey buddy will this work for the external hard case..Macally G-350SUA Hi speed eSATA/FireWire/usb2.0 storage enclosure for 3.5 inch sAta HDD

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    As long as the case has screws and can swap out drives of course it will.


    All the cases on OWC allow you to. It is only those proprietary cases you can't, like many or most WD MyBook.

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    sending order now thanks again

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