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Can this be fix to fit a 42" tele ?

AppleTV 2
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    you don't mention if you mean mirror by ios device or osx

    but it's mirror and if tv is widescreen then it will never be full screen

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    I have a iPhone 5 and a ipad 2 and I am quite disappointed in the results to the Apple TV


    iPhone resolution and screens are very small on AirPlay mirroring bbc iplayer goes into full screen but resolution is awful


    Ipad mirroring is a bit bigger but not full screen and resolution still not great


    I don't see why wide screen tv is a problem you cannot by a tv these days that is not wide screen


    I have been reading a few forums all complaining about the same thing seems this is a issue that there are no solutions for.

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    There is no issue.


    iPad aspect ratio is 4:3


    Your TV is 16:9


    iPhone 5 will fill the screen if in landscape

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    The aspect ratio has not helped I fact resizing the tele makes it worse


    Why do video and  pics display in full screen??? If this works then surely  the rest should work in the same way. A hdmi cable connection would have been a better and cheaper option


    I am struggling to find anything good to say about this product seems flawed and far  too americanised


    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone when most intelligent tv do much more and every game console and PVR offer far more functionality  and features

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    Resizing is stretching the image to make it fit. Videos and photos are being streamed to the device via airplay, mirroring the screen is showing your device exactly as you see it on the screen.


    I think you are missing the point.

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    There are two culprits here. the first is pillarboxing, that's what happens when a 4x3 aspect ratio picture (like the ipad) or a 5x4 picture (like 35mm film) is displayed on a 16x9 display like a modern TV. This results in black bars on the left and right of the active picture.


    I think what you may be talking about is called "underscan". This results in a smaller picture surrounded by black.


    The HDTV standard was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s when CRTs were used to display video. CRT displays overscan the display, because the phosphor extends past the visible edges of the display. Also, in the old analog broadcast system, the picture was transmitted in real-time, so the hidden parts of the picture contained the sync, closed captioning and other signals.


    Even though digital TV doesn't need it, most modern TVs still simulate overscan by stretching the picture slightly, cutting off the edges, unless you set the TV to "full" or "PC" mode.


    When the Apple TV gets an AirPlay signal, to keep the TV from cutting off the edges (like the status or menu bars) it apples underscan to compensate for the TVs overscan.


    On the AppleTV you can turn off underscan by going to Settings -> Audio & Video and set "Adjust For AirPlay Overscan" to "Off".

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    Excellent explaination and just the information I was looking for. Thank You!

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    I thought this hadn't worked but the next time I used mirroring it was full screen.  Tyvm.