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Help! ¡Socorro! Hjälp! Hjelp! Anyone! I'm out on deep water now. I have a PPC PB with several partitions on the internal drive. One with OS 9.2, one with OS X.4, one with OS X.5 and three others for personal documents. Since I as administrator didn't have access to desktop folder, I changed the permissions in the "Show Info" window, something you never should do in OS X.5! The problem is that there is no changing back in the same way! most of the options are gray and the few options left are without actual change no matter how many times I 'change' it in the scroll bar. I tried to delete some user names but nothing happens, I tried to add some others but also without any change. I tried to change the privileges that are all set to "Personalized" to something else but it's not possible to change that either. Disk Utility is repairing the start unit right now, it had 2 days and 18 hours left yesterday and now it says remaining time is 3 days and 1 hour. That's a problem that I just have to deal with but how can I fix the non OS partitions? Log in as "root" might be one option. I did that to fix something several years ago in OS X.2 and after that I had a lot of problems with the OS. Is there any command in "Terminal" that  could fix this? Please help!

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Also running Mac OS X.4.11
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    Here is what i needed to do for my drive "320GB HD", the last command is just for clean up


    Open Terminal and type these commands carefully with the spaces & change 320GB HD to the name of your drive.


    sudo chflags 0 "/volumes/320GB HD"

    sudo chown root "/volumes/320GB HD"

    sudo chmod 1775 "/volumes/320GB HD"

    sudo -k


    That said, these should be sufficient to do the job:


    sudo chflags 0 "/Volumes/320GB HD"

    sudo chmod a+rx "/Volumes/320GB HD"


    Or if you're careful, BatchMod, it's much better/easier than the Finder for recursive Permission changes, but careful, it's powerful...



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    ¡You're my undisputed hero!. I'd like to hug you and kiss you, I really thought I was lost there forever, and than there turns up a real computer wizard like you with the terminal commands!!! It's just lovely. I'll be able to sleep better than ever this night. I'd be honored if I could help you out someday, apparently with something else than computers. ;-) You just gained a friend in Europe, Norway - Spain - Sweden. Many thanks again, I really ow you one!


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    Whew, great news, thanks!