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One of my aol mail accounts is producing bushels of spam, phony ads, phishing spam etc., from various websites that specialize in this kind of email.  Some of this is picked up on my aol account online, but most of it never shows up in the online account.  Mail gets it, though.  As though it came through that account.  I am going nuts making mail rules and forwarding this junk to aol_phish abuse account.  Does anybody else have this problem and if so, does anybody know what's going on and how to stop it?

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    It looks as though I have maybe solved the problem.  I just kept forwarding each one to aol_phish abuse, one after the other.  It took about an hour a day just to do this.  For four days.  I was half expecting to be reprimanded by aol.  I was not.  And this morning I got up and instead of 16 or so, there were three.  That was hours ago and no more have appeared.