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We bought an iPad2 for the boy to get him off my wife's iPhone.  We'd like to transfer "in-game" levels we purchased on the iPhone to the iPad but haven't succeeded.  Since we are backing up the iPhone to the MacBook we transferred the already purchased apps to the iPad.  However, in games like Ruzzle and Where's My Water they don't seem to recognize the purchased content.  Ruzzle behaves like the free version and Where's My Water asks us to re-purchase levels we already purchased.  Is this correct or should we performs extra steps to regain our already purchased "in-app" content?

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
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    Found a reply that I should "restore" a backup of the iPhone to the iPad.  It worked!  The iPad now has all the "in-game" levels previously purchased for the iPhone.  First I created a backup of the iPhone on the computer.  Then, I plugged in the iPad and selected "restore from backup".  I then found the iPhone backup file, selected it, and proceeded with the iPhone restore to the iPad.  Thanks Support Community!

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    If you are still around, mark your own answer as correct so that your answer might help someone else that is having the same issue.

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    I also want to know how to transfer the levels, I played Tom's Travels on my iPad, and it's a game that level by level, if the 21-30 levels are not passed, then I can't play the 31-40.

    Would try the restore a backup.