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    Try Amazon S3 Glacier at a penny/month per gig..........

  • svrolyk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Try Amazon S3 Glacier for a penny/month per GB......

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    I too have been searching. I work in the Cloud server industry and find the online archive market to be lacking sorely. The best option so far was Amazon S3, however with upload speeds of 43Kbps from the UK to the Ireland datacentre, uploading my 150GB of data is not viable. To be clear, I can upload to dropbox for other data at 2Mbps via our 1Gb service here at the office.


    I did have a very satisfying experience with Amazon Cloud Drive, it was fast and well priced for my purposes. They recently however changed the model to a Synced one and that killed it for me and I cancelled my account.


    So the search continues...

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    What about BitCasa?

    It says it offers infinite storage at a nice price. Anyway I'm trying it right now and it's a bit slow in transfer :/

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    I have taken the plunge into Bitcasa. So far it is looking good. I transferred 60GB in two hours, which is impressive.


    I like that it appears as a local drive which mean transfers using command prompt tools such as CP and RSYNC is very easy.

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    It's amazing that iCloud doesn't offer anything like this. Apple seems to be giving us no option due to their absurd switch to solid state and it seems like a no brainer to let us dump all of our stuff into the cloud on a service they provide. They clearly have the datacenter space....


    But yes. Bitcasa I think is the best out there for non-synced cloud storage.

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    ShareFile by Citrix is potentially a viable option for what you are saying. When you look it up, look past the pitch that it is for sending large files, it is actually cloud storage that you can mount like a network drive... that also allows you to send and recieve unlimited file sizes.

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    And I immediately regret posting that because for Mac OSX, it only Syncs. With a Windows machine, you can map the drive. I do it at work that way, but realized you were probably wanting something that worked that way on OSX. Sorry. But it is still a great service anyways.

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    I have the same issue with syncing to laptop and not saving any space that way. I would like access to my data on all devices (ipad,iphone, 2 laptops, etc) and found this post. I have a few options I am mulling over:


      Secure home server w/ harddrive connected for storage- either through old desktop or R-pi... but am 

      concerned with electric bill (desktop) and access/transfer speeds (R-pi)


      Router with external usb connection for harddrive back up - this seems to appeal to me right now because I need

      a new router (2wire) and ease of cloud access


    I don't have experience with these option but believe they will work and am leaning towards the Router with harddrive connected option the most.

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    Hey everyone -- I have settled upon Bitcasa as my solution. I liked it so much I threw down for an annual membership already. While I have had some major issues in the last month with their software on Mac OS X, they have been very responsive to my requests and have updated their software regularly and now it is pretty solid. I have mirrored my desktop, documents, music, and movies from my MBP, and I also have been able to sync my local USB drive and my Drobo to the cloud all through rsync -- because Bitcasa basically provides a mounted file volume that you can interact with as any other volume. So I basically use mirroring for my laptop and then rsync my Drobo to the cloud.



    • Fair price especially at the annual level of membership
    • Mounts your cloud drive as a logical volume on your Mac, so you can use rsync to mirror USB drives and interact with the files as if they were local. Bitcasa handles most of this through an abstracted file cache.
    • Software works well (now) for Mac, and there is an iOS app.
    • Web interface is pretty slick.
    • Encrypted, fairly easy to share.



    • Bitcasa software is definitely undergoing growing pains. Often times I will have to relogin to the app on both Mac and iPhone after reboot.
    • The Mac finder software itself has been pretty rough until the last week or so, but they have been fairly quick to respond to my requests and push out updates.
    • The iPhone app doesn't upload images in the background, so if you switch apps you won't continue to upload photos. I have 4,000 photos in my camera roll so this takes a very long time and my phone locks screen after 5 minutes of inactivity due to corporate security, so I still have yet to upload all of my photos.


    However despite the growing pains, I am happy with Bitcasa. I think if you give these guys another few months they will continue to build out an impressive cloud backup platform. I am excited to return to the US to a high-speed connection where I can finally and safely backup the 4TB my Drobo stores right now to the cloud so I don't have to continue backing up my drobo to yet another USB backup device. Going forward, I can stick with the Drobo and rsync it to the cloud. Furthermore, I can access that content anywhere which is really exciting for me. It would be amazing if I could stream movies directly via Bitcasa, which I think they are aiming for, but thus far it doesn't seem to work well for me.


    Going back to the original thread, though, I can sync my MBP and other devices to Bitcasa, and I can also rsync my USB drives up to the cloud without requiring local mirroring of those files.

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    Hi, I'm using Wuala by LaCie, it does what you need and adds a lot of features such as total privacy.


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    Hey thanks gatewayasteroid.. this is looking like a potential solution.


    I like how a drive is mounted on my desktop and that files can be copied (NOT moved) to and from the drive.



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    Yes, that's the main feature I need from a cloud service, I really don't like the Dropbox/Google Drive/Skydrive way of managing things. I want my data to be there, and just there


    Wuala is 100% private and encrypted (nobody knows your password so be careful in case you lose it!). It can also sync to multiple location and even on removable drives!


    Wuala is all that I need, the fact that it uses Java is a plus because it's multiplatform (I mainly use Linux at home).


    Also servers are quite close from here (Italy) as they're located in Switzerland, Germany and France


    hope that helped you, if you have questions just ask



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    I have mounted my Skydrive and Box account as a network drive in Windows but I am sure it can be done on Mac as well - see link below for how to do it on windows.





    Skydrive only offer 7GB for a new plan and only up to 200GB on a paid plan but with their new rebranding to Ondrive, I hear they will offer TB plans.





    I found that you need to use instead for it to work. a new account start with 10GB free but if you sign in from their IOS app now, you get 50GB for free permanently. They have unlimited paid plans as well.




    Copy is a new kid on the block and you get 15GB on joining. They have a referall program like dropbox, except that you could potentially get unlimited storage. They are also planning to allow you to map your account as a network drive, although we do not know when this will be.


    If you want to join copy or say thank you, use my copy referral link below which would also give you 5GB bonus on joining. Thanks.


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    JungleDisk will do this. It mounts on your computer as an external HDD


    Make sure you choose Desktop Edition




    Also, there is ExpanDrive software that supports variety of services such as Google Drive, DropBox, SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3, WebDav, Box and few others that can MOUNT the drive WITHOUT the need of downloading all the files to your local HDD.