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    Second this. I'm using ExpanDrive with Amazon S3 to avoid the atrocious local sync. So far, so good.


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    Check That's what you are looking for.

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    It seems to me that ONEDRIVE for Business accompishes what you desire.


    It does not require syncing as the only means of storing a file on the cloud.


    After a file is saved locally, one can upload it to ONEDRIVE and then delete the file locally.

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    So I stumbled upon this thread because I am very frustrated with dropbox. I thought the purpose of dropbox was to work as a cloud not to sync. Just discovered syncing when I received the message that there is no room on my hard drive. Come to find out 100GB have been used by dropbox. Of course I can't reach anyone at technical support. After reading through your replies, is anyone aware if the services mentioned have apps for access from iphone or ipads? In particular Wuala? Thank you in advance.

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    Gents -- as of today (May 2014) I would be hesitant to recommend Bitcasa anymore. I have it for $99/year and love it absolutely, and I currently use about 4TB of my unlimited quota. The Mac client was very buggy for the first few months but it seems to have leveled out. I have not yet tried the Linux client as it's been in beta for a while, but I am glad that they at least have it. Bitcasa support is very responsive, and they continue to build out their API. I have read (although not tested) that I could theoretically use my virtual infinity drive with PLEX so I can stream my content from the cloud, rather than mirror to local storage for my PLEX entertainment.


    However, all of that being said, in the last six months, Bitcasa has increased their annual unlimited cost from $99/year (amazing) to $999/year (holy s**t). I am fortunate since I have been grandfathered into the legacy pricing, but if I were now seeking out a cloud solution with unlimited storage, I may have to look elsewhere.

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    ExpanDrive is what I landed on - spent way to much time punching in different google searches to come up with the solution, but it's installed and working like a charm! Mounts my Dropbox and Google Drive accounts as an external hard drive right in finder. Only downside they are not searcheable by finder, but I can live with that. Looks like it is $39.95.

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    I have just started using  They have a free trial period.  I LOVE IT.  I tried a bunch of others, and they all stunk!.  Drop box was the worst, somehow it lost a bunch of my files on my own harddrive!  AVOID programs that want to sync you up all the don't know what they are up to.  I also tried Aamzon S3, but with my windows 7 pro computer I just got errors when I tied to upload more than one file, and the java folder uploader NEVER worked.


    With Adrive I can upload folders easily, share them publicly with password protection, etc.

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    NetDrive seems to be the right solution. It remotely mounts Google Drive in Windows. No sync necessary. Though you can mount only 1 drive after the 30-day trial period, still no problem in using after that.

    netdrive.png netdrive2.png

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    NetDrive only works on Windows (this is an Apple forum, just in case)

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    Been struggling with the exact same "quest" (at this point, it's a quest....).


    2 winners are : Gladinet and ExpanDrive. Expandrive is more polished, but Gladinet did a better (and faster) job. Expandrive sometimes doesn't load folders, even though they exist.

    Gladinet costs $7 a month, no commitment. Expandrive is $40 one time payment (still allows you to use it for 20mn periods after initial free period).


    BUT right now, I'm thinking about going all in with the webapp version of Google Drive. 1To for $10 a month, and the webapp is pretty neat > drag and drop to upload folders, easy / fast navigation, and local syncing .... it actually does the job I'm looking for : cloud backup 200Gigs of pictures, no local copy, easy handling.

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    I'm using ExpanDrive with my DropBox. Works Great!


    I've also setup selective syncing in Dropbox so I have a folder in my dropbox which does not sync with the dropbox app and is only available online through ExpanDrive or the DropBox website.

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    Here is a alternative similar to Bitcasa but with better pricing.  I have not used it personally but i have friends who say that it works well.



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    I was wondering if anyone has any updates regarding the long-term viability and stability of moving the entire iTunes Folder into a cloud storage provider via ExpanDrive? I just got a free year of Amazon Cloud Storage, and currently have my music all on an external drive. I was considering moving it over, considering I have 100mbps up/down at home.

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