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I have a PC running iTunes and an Apple TV2 connected to my AV amplifier. I used airplay from my itunes to the appletv to play music and videos from itunes. Some days it works fine, but most days i get breakups in audio and videos stop suddendly and would not resume. I have been dealing with this issue for 18 months and cannot find a single solution. If i google the issue, the internet is flooded with people having the same breaking up problem, but no one has a solid solution. The last 18 months I have updated itunes twice, i have updatex the software on my apple tv2 twice, I have tried 4 different wifi routers, the newest one being capable of 300Mbps.  Even bringing the appple tv, pc and wifi router into the same room in direct line of site does not help, so it cannot be a weak wifi signal.  This problem has been a cause of great frustration and i have lost all confidence in apple and using airplay. Is there anyone that can help?

AppleTV 2, Windows 7
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    I would verify interference to completely rule it out. Netstumbler is a common one for PC, but there are others.

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    Thanks vazandrew, I managed to find the culprit without any monitoring software. My Subwoofer gets its signal from a wireless transmitter. This is what is causing the interference. If I switch off the subwoofer music and video via airplay to my appletv is 100%.  What can I do to still keep my subwoofer functioning wirelessly and still use airplay? The subwoofer is wireless and cannot be hardwired. Any help will be greatly appreciated.