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Hi there,

I'm having a strange wifi connection problem with a MacMini running 10.6.8.

It is connected to the internet via wlan using two identical AVM Fritzbox 3030 wlan routers.

One of these is connected to a DSL line, the other is used as a repeater and the MacMini

connects to the second one and has worked flawlessly until recently.

Now I frequently experience a very slow connection to the internet (Safari, Firefox, Software

Update, ftp). The strange thing is that everything works fine on two accounts on the

computer (one admin, one standard) but not for three other ones (one of them newly created).


First I thought, it might be a Safari problem, so reset Safari, emptied the cache, also

repaired permissions, all to no avail. I checked the logs for any new/unusual entries and

didn't find any. I checked that the connection is fine by connecting a MacBookPro, that

had continuous decent transfer speed.


The airport connection icon in the menu bar of the Mac mini shows 4 bars, connection to the repeater

is good (transmission rate of 54, RSSI of about -50 to -60), but if I try to ping the router

connected to DSL from the slow account, I get frequent packet drops and sometimes ping times

of up to a few seconds. If I switch to one of the unaffected accounts, ping times immediately

go down. If I leave the shells running the ping open in both accounts and switch between

accounts I can see that ping times go up when I'm using the affected account and go down

when I use the other one.


I really have no idea why the basic internet connection would be affected by any personal

settings, but maybe someone can enlighten me. Otherwise I'd probably go for a fresh install,

but I'd at least want to get an idea what is causing this odd behaviour.


Thanks in advance!!

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    I would suggest you Post your question in a better Forum for it:




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    I would think that forum is rather for discussing Airport/Airport extreme issues, both of which I don't have.


    It's only this one computer running 10.6.8 I'm having problems with, hence I chose this forum and added the "getting_online_and_networking_macosx_v.10.6" tag...


    But I'll give it a try anyway, thanks.

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    Try the basics first:

       Change your router channel number.  Most times this works & is all you have to do.


    Disconnect & reconnect your modem.  unplug it for about 10 seconds.  Plug it back in.  Do the same for Apple’s routers.  Wait for everything to reboot.


    System Preferences>Network

    Click the Assist Me button.

    In the next window that pops up, click the Diagnostic button & do the necessary.


    Research Knowledge Base for network problems that pertain to the OS that is currently installed on your computer.   See these basic networking KB Articles:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1401 AirPort troubleshooting guide


    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2712 Using network locations in Mac OS X


    Manually provided DNS server addresses are higher priority than DHCP's


    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1714 Solutions for connecting to the Internet, setting up a small network, and troubleshooting




    What to do when you can't connect to the Internet















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    Thanks, Baby Boomer.


    However I've been through all the basics and all the more advanced things I could think of.


    As I wrote, the network is perfectly fine for two accounts, but not for the others ones (including newly created ones), so it can't really be a problem of the connection itself, but must be something account/OS specific.

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    Since you have done all the "basics" which you did not detail, take your computer to an Apple Store or an AASP.  The techs there will put your computer through some diagnostic tests for free.  This way you will get a confirmation of what is wrong.













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    Well, I think there were quite a few details in my original post that clearly indicated I'd put some effort and some thinking into solving this problem and that it can't be connection-related. If the only advice you can give is "just take it to the Apple store", I really wonder why you cared to post at all?

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    I posted because I didn't know if you have tried everything possible including the information in the links I posted.  Plus, I though I was helping you.  Was I wrong?  If so, sorry about that.  Will abandon the post.


    Yes your post is very detailed and very much appreciated.  However, solutions that we have suggested are not working out for you, what is the harm in taking your computer to an Apple Store for FREE diagnostic testing?