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I (Mom) have an iphone 5 and I have 2 sons with iphone 4's, we also have apple tv in our home. Right now we are all tied to the same apple id and also to 1 itunes account. Also, my icloud is no longer backing up because somehow my old iphone 4 (now my son's phone) is still dumping into my account. I feel like I need to start from the beginning but I can't find the info on the help pages. My boys are old enough to buy and manage their own accounts but then what about all the stuff on itunes that they like and I don't want on my phone. Also, I have books in itunes that they don't want on their phones. There should really be a section for Mom's trying to set their families up with apple correctly! Can anyone help??

Main questions:

How many apple id's do I need (2 kids with iphone 4, 1 iphone 5, husband with apple id)??

icloud--I have no clue about this? Why does it need an email? Should we all have these? How do I keep them separate so they don't cause the account to be full?

itunes--how to I split this up for my family? What accounts should we open? Delete?

apple tv--Does it need it's own apple id?