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    Three ideas:

    1) rename the file & see what happens.


    2) Try from another id. 


    3) search all files and see which ones contain the miss spelling.

        try spotlight & see what it finds.



    copy & paste the find command to the terminal.  Slow but sure.

    Macintosh-HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

    # press return to run the command.


    find -x ~ -type f  -exec grep -il "becuase" {} \;



    try easy fine.  Search for imbeded text.  It will be slow too.


    An alternative to or supplement of Spotlight and finds files, folders or contents in any file without the need for indexing.

    Scroll down until you see EasyFind


    Picture 10.png




    Create new Account


    blue apple > system preferences

    clicks on accounts icon


    click on lock icon if locked. 

    enter logon password  

    Picture 9.png


    click on + icon ( left side of screen just above the lock icon )


    Picture 10.png


    after creating new account, you need to logout of your current account.


    blue apple > log out ... current count name ...


    log on to new account. see if problem goes away.

    Picture 11.png


    if it has gone  away, some preference file got messed up on your account. Rename the appropriate  Preference file. You will have to figure out the name.   They are .plist files.  Look for these files in Preferences folder which is in your Library folder [ more formally ~/Library/Preferences ].  ... reboot.

    Post back for more help.


    More tips on creating a new account

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