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I updated my 16GB iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 last week.


Now WiFi is turned off. The Off/On switch in Settings>Wi-Fi is grayed out and will not allow me to turn WiFi on.

Bluetooth functionality is gone. When I go to Settings>Bluetooth I just see the rolling circle that never stops.

I did immediately find Apple's ts1559 support document.
-Of course I'm not in Airplane Mode (Is it turned on?)

-Of course I tried restarting my device, multiple times. Both soft and hard reset.

-Yes, I have the most current version of the OS (6.1.3) I even tried reinstalling the firmware and iOS from Recovery mode, no joy.

-Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings did nothing.

-Backed up and restored the device... Absolutely no change. Even the blank phone without my restored info on it displays the symptoms.


I have NEVER jailbroken the device, only ever dropped it once (months ago) and have no water damage


Has anyone else had this exact same issue?

I don't want to hear about random wifi connection problems, stay on topic or create a new thread.

Apple: is this a known issue?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, Carrier: AT&T in California
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    I have same problem, exactly same Iphone, same rolling circle etc. plus I also tried all upper solutions same as aquaholic said. Problem appears with iOS 6.1.3. about 30 min after instaling that lol upgrade. I went to appstore (in Poland) - they couldn`t help but one guy told me that iPhone turns off wifi and bluetooth when Iphone is too hot and turns it off becouse iOS 6 uses hot sensor (at least i think he told something like that) which iOS 5 doesn`t. Solution which comes to my mind was quite stupid - cool down Iphone in fridge. So I put it there for 15min (someone did that too on other forum so it help me with decision) and .. tadaaa ! it worked. Anyway worked as long as it was really cold, when it warmed problem returns. So there can be two possibilities as I`m sure i didn`t damaged my phone neither dropped:

    1. Heat sensor (if really exist) isn`t working properly and newest iOS just revealed that error. Sensor might be damaged somehow during one year of use even if i don`t remember or:

    2. Software upgrading has errors which in some models of this Iphone appears.


    IPhone was bought about 13 months ago in Bialystok, Poland from T-Mobile operator, There is no problem with my IPhone 5 also no problem with Iphone 3Gs but it`s too "old" fo iOS 6

    I hope Apple read our posts and at least try to help or suggest anything.

    P.S. I`ll put that post on similar forum too.

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    As dumb as this sounds it worked on my Iphone 4S with the 6.1.3 system. Was able to turn on wifi and the bluetooth connected with my Ford. Hope it lasts.

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    I've a 4S and tomorrow I'm taking a trip to the Genius Bar. I'm already expecting little or no help with regards to the Wi-Fi issue after installing iOS 6.1.3.

    I've done everything as per the support pages. And before anyone says anything I'm not a technophobe and clueless when it comes to gadgets such as this.

    I'll update this thread after my visit to the Bar in Manchester, UK. Hopefully it will be good news.

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    I HAVE THE ANSWER!!! I had the problem where the wifi button was greyed out also. The girl at the Verizon told me to run a hair dryer on the right side of the phone with the cover off and THE POWER OFF for 10 minutes. The phone said it was over heated but when it cooled down I was able to turn the wifi on. Sounds crazy but it worked!!

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    thanks mumsyo5, I've also found that heat is the answer.
    Strange that the software seems to have caused a hardware issue.


    I did the hairdryer trick 3 months ago and it solved the issue for two months.
    Then the same wifi/BT inop problem returned. I didnt have a hair dryer on hand so I actually placed the phone face down on the heating plate of a coffee maker, LOL. Overheated the phone, let it cool down and it's been working for another three weeks so far.


    People in other threads have mentioned somethig about shoddy soldering on the wifi/BT chip. They have also mentioned that some third-party iPhone repair places will reflow that solder for about $60.


    Personally, I will be waiting for the wifi to die once again then pay the $200 to get the phone replaced.
    Then once my contract is up, I'll be switching to Android.

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    Well, I went to the Apple store and spke to a 'Genius' who politely ran a diagnostic check and said, 'Kevin, you need a new phone. Get the iPhone 5 for £140 and the problen is solved'. And on mentioning the iOS 6.1.3 update rumour I was told 'The update didn't cause the fault. No, the update merely pointed out out you had a fault and found it'!

    Oh really? Haven't you had enough out of me guys? Very disappointed to say the least

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    well its a nice business practice, eh

  • Redjackal69 Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess so, I guess so

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    I have the same problem

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    hello , same problem here bluethoot dosen't work and the same wifi its grey when i have version 6.1.3 , i heat my phone for 10 minutes and let thim cool down and still dosen't work . what shoud i do ?



    P.S i have iphone 3gs 32gb neverlocked