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I spilled a small amount of red soda and caught it and a small amount got on track pad and wiped up fast and can see since keyboard is lit up under part of the right side of space bar and the right "command" and option keys. I hit the power key and held until turned off after I wiped up everything. I mean it wasn't a lot. I don't know if I stained the keys or if it is underneath but it didn't go far enough back I think. I don't use my track pad just mouse. I got it in Feb 2012.



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    And your question is?


    Is it covered under the warranty? No it is not.


    Will my Mac continue to work properly. Maybe, Maybe Not. Only time will tell.


    What else should I do? Nothing as if you bring it to an Apple store now and they find any liquid inside the system they will automatically Void your Warranty.



    Good Luck & Best Wishes.

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    Sorry about the spill. If it were mine I would take it to the Genius Bar for evaluation. They will try to clean any residue if that is possible. I've seen them do that for customers when I was at the Apple store. I hope it all works out for you.

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    I live about 2-3 hours from the nearest Apple Store but 45 minutes from an authorized Mac repair that worked on my other ones. I live where the nearest big city is 2 hours away and the Apple store is another 1 hour to a suburb. Or could find one in Las Vegas. The only thing that is my right side of space bar is a bit slower but as I use it, it isn't sticking as much as it was. Everything but apps is on an exter HDD that is working just fine for me. I can see where the soda was because there is a slight pinkish tink. **** Big Red soda but I love it.


    I went to bed right after I posted and I turned it off, unplugged it and unplugged external drive. and turned it into a V and put it upside down but nothing came out. Was that a good or bad sign??? Since my soda has sugar in it, would it be okay to shoot canned air into it to loosen it up???


    Everything seems to be doing fine, for now. I'll just keep a watch on it. If not, I'll go get a new one.