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viclin Level 1 Level 1

When we bought our iMac, all the programme shortcuts and my files ended up migrated from our old PC to my wife's desktop. How can I get these onto my desktop which is virtually blank. I cannot even access our photos from my desktop.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
  • Eustace Mendis Level 7 Level 7

    Do you still have the pc? Easiest would be to get the files you want from there.


    This article tell you how.


  • bratman91 Level 2 Level 2

    Unless I have misunderstood you, your requirement is to use your desktop (presumably a Windows PC) to access files on your wife's desktop (presumably the iMac). If so, can't you allow "sharing" of the files on the iMac by going into System Preferences > Sharing" and then setting up a network connection on the PC to access these files? Alternatively, write the files on the iMac to a flash drive or CD/DVD (if your iMac has an optical drive) and then copy these to the PC.

  • Eustace Mendis Level 7 Level 7

    viclin: My apologies - I completely misunderstood your question. bratman91's post helped me see what you are probably asking.


    If it is a Windows pc where you are trying to restore your desktop, and you need more than what bratman91 has posted, you may want to post on a Windows user's forum.

  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    To try to cover all possibilities, if you are both working on the iMac, try copying the files to the hard drive/users/shared folder.