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I have bought a New Computer as my Old one did it's HDD. I now have windows 8/64 bit  I/E 10 and am trying to Authorise my New Computer. I have downloaded the latest version and I got an ""unknown error -42110 "" .I went to te apple website and that says how to deactivate a SC folder or something in windows 7 or windows vista.


It also says to go to ""store|"" > Authorise Computer"" and I can't get anything,so I contacted  Apple support and I got some person called Gulab who sent me links to the same obsolete apple website which says exactly what I have said above.


I open iTunes and it lets me login with my apple id and says that I have $78.00 in credit and to be honest I can't understand the updated version/s let alone find how to ""Authorise "" my new computer.Gulab said to delete te sc Folder but the website (Apple) says this ios for windows 7 and windows vista.


Running around in circles. Apple website needs to be drastically updated instead of updating iTunes .

Completely confused and so is the support staff....lololooolololol

iPod nano, Windows 8, Internet explorer 10