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I have an iPhone 5 and an iPod Nano (7th Generation).  I've follwed the directions in the manual to delete songs BUT the option to select playlist and then edit is not there no matter how much I "bring down".  The edit option is only when I'm actually at the playlist level and then it wants to delete the whole playlist; i.e., recently added.


I purchased some songs that I only want on the iPhone so I don't want to delete from iTunes and re-sync to iPod.  Any suggestions?  Granted, I know I won't necessarily play on the iPod but I don't want it using up memory either.


Thanks in advance. 

iPod nano (7th generation), Windows 7, iPhone 5 with the latest upgrade.
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    Don't ever delete stuff from your main iTunes library, just to delete them from the iPod.  You can set up iTunes to sync separately and differently to each device.


    The latest iTunes may hide the sidebar.  To show it, from the menu bar, under View, select Show Sidebar.  The sidebar shows the iPod, under DEVICES.


    How you remove songs from the iPod depends on how you have been loading songs, manually (by dragging songs to iPod) or by automatic syncing (by setting up the iPod's Music tab).  If you need more information, please post back with the method you are using to load the iPod. 


    For reference, here is a general document about syncing to iPod



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    It usually would complete a sync automatically but I can see where doing manual would allow me to pick and choose what I wanted to add.  Thanks for your help!


    P.S.  And I certainly appreciate the added tip about the sidebar.  I "might" have eventually figured it out but then, maybe not (LOL).

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    Showing the sidebar makes it easier for me to describe things, although you can do everything using the "new look" iTunes.


    You can also pick and choose using automatic syncing.  Here is one easy and convenient way to set it up.


    Create a new playlist in iTunes.  Put ALL the songs you want on the iPod on that playlist (up to the capacity limit of iPod).  Select the iPod in the sidebar, and go to its Music tab (next to Summary).  Set it to Sync Music, and below that, based on Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below that, under Playlists, checkmark only that ONE playlist.  Click Apply to sync the songs on that playlist to your iPod.  NOTE:  Songs currently on the iPod will be replaced by the selection on the Music tab.


    Going forward, whenever you want to update the songs on the iPod, just update that playlist (add and remove songs).  The iPod does not need to be connected.  The next time you connect the iPod (or when you click Sync), all changes sync automatically.


    If you need to do a Restore, or you get a new iPod, you can easily make it just like before, by selecting that same playlist for syncing on the Music tab.

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    WOW, I've got a lot to learn.


    Thanks for all the help.