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I found an old "~" file in "`Macintosh HD" folder, 553 KB, dated 27/08/2012.

What's the purpose for this file?

Could it be from installing an OS X update at that time or the like?

Can I delete it?


iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    How could I find out if this file is obsolete/dispensable?


    It begins with:


    ⁄–˙– ( Ï  ,æ <catalog>(  String<

      ArrayL  êBundle\

    Claiml  PService          


    and ends with


    org.x.X11 f,  x11.app@  Contents/Resources/X11.icnsP  Contents/MacOS/X11ft @x @x @x  com.apple.fontsyncscripting®  com.apple.FontSyncScriptingà FontSync Scriptingf  fontsyncscripting.app g - Contents/Resources/FontSyncScripting.icns g,$ Contents/MacOS/FontSyncScripting A A A& Contents/Resources/FNSProfile.icnsg†   Ä  psnfÄ  psnf CD g CF CF  com.apple.keychainscripting   com.apple.KeychainScripting8  Keychain Scriptingh\  keychain scripting.apphx- Contents/Resources/KeychainScripting.icns hò% Contents/MacOS/Keychain Scripting hà Aà Aà Aà  com.apple.urlaccessscripting  com.apple.URLAccessScripting  URL Access Scripting  url access scripting.app. Contents/Resources/URLAccessScripting.icnsiî' Contents/MacOS/URL Access Scripting» B  B  B  ïÙ j


    and there is a lot of paths information in the middle, if this helps.