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Seagate USB hard drive does not appear when connected to Airport Extreme. It does appear when connected directly to my computer. It does not appear whether using just Wifi or ethernet. The Airport is in Bridge mode and connected to a Comcast business class router.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Make sure that the drive is formatted correctly in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to work at the USB port of the AirPort Extreme. If he drive is formatted in Windows NTFS or exFAT, it will not work with the AirPort Extreme.


    Your computer will support more formats, so it is possible that you might "see" the drive on your computer and not on the AirPort Extreme.


    The USB port at the AirPort Exteme is under powered compared to the USB port on your computer. You may need to use a powered USB hub with your hard drive.....even if the hard drive has its own power supply.

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    It is indeed NTFS. I will reformat and try again. Thanks.

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    Reformatting worked. Thanks much.