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This, the little double-sided arrow thing at the top of the playhead, is something that I thought was a marker. It appeared while I was trying to drag the playhead and created and stripped 'range' as I dragged one end of it. It must not be a marker because the marker list is empty. I'm not able to delete this and the song unplayable as the playhead jumps to this 'thing' and is glued to it when I try to play the file.


Help getting rid of this, explaining what it is, how to avoid 'accidentally' making any more of these in the future would be greatly appreciated.







Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 12.00.16 PM.png

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 8G RAM
  • Sampleconstruct Level 5 Level 5 (5,870 points)

    This is just a cycle/loop cycling between two very narrow locators - click "c" (or whatever else your keycommand for cycle on/off is) to disable the cycle.

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    Mysteries of life for the beginning Logic Pro user. Love this program because it is perfect for encouraging the making of music, rather than some programs which are 'self-absorbed' and require taking time away from making music. Thanks Sampleconstruct, this is very useful information. Now I'll hit the books and find out more about it.


    :- )

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    While starting up with Logic it's really recommendable to have the book open most of the time. It's such a deep program that many functions don't unfold automatically, so the manual is your best friend at the beginning.


    Also check the function "Set Locators to Region Length" and assign a keycommand to it for quickly setting up cycle locators while editing/building your arrangement. Like that you can quickly set a cycle with one mouse click (for selecting the region you want to cycle) and 2 keycommands (one for setting the locators and one for enabling the cycle).