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will apple care

osx leopard 10.5 is no longer support of

  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 (45,195 points)

    You may use Leopard 10.5 if you wish but you will have to secure an install disk from e-bay or Craig's list since Apple does not sell it anymore.



  • BobHarris Level 6 (17,719 points)

    Leopard 10.5 is NOT legally availble for download (never was a downloadable OS).


    Any Leopard 10.5 version you find available for download may have compromized software inside.  BitTorrent copies of Apple software has been known to contain malware.


    As OGELTHORPE says, you will need to find a 10.5 retail disk(s) (not the gray disks) in order to know you are installing a good copy of Leopard 10.5