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Hi! I am using a PPC G5 running OS X 10.5.6. The main HDD was just getting too small so I decided to upgrade it from the 500 gb one to a 1TB WD Green drive. All of my info is backed up on a separate drive.I just planned to reinstall OS 10.5.6 and then migrate everything back over from the back up drive.

  After installation and with the OS disc in the drive the new HD does not show. The only disc that is recognized is my back up disc. I thought that maybe the new disc needed to be formatted so I put the old HD into the 1st slot and the new HD in the 2nd slot and did so. So then I switched the new HD back to the upper slot and again the system doesn't see it.

   I tried the pram reset and the option key startup but to no avail. I can put the old HD into the upper slot and everything is fine, I can put the new HD into the lower slot and it shows up but if I put it into the upper slot to use it as the main drive it disappears! Every time I start up with the installation disc and go to disc utility the new HD doesn't show up, only the HD in the lower slot shows.

   I would really appreciate any help that anyone is willing to offer! Thanks in advance!!



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6), PPC 1.8 GHz single proc, 3 gb Ram
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