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I needed to go back into TM over the weekend to look for a backup that I had presumed that TM had backed up a few months ago and to my dismay TM had'nt. There is gapping big hole in time that TM did'nt back up anything in the Application folder. I'm talking six months of no backups at all to that folder which coisisdees with the release of Mountain Lion.


I'm squarely blaming Apple for this.

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    Sorry about your loss, TimeMachine is bad, I knew it when I saw it, you not the only one.


    Much better options exist and Apple seems to have only gone halfway with TimeMachine.


    Worst thing about it is, you can't verify if it will work, unlike a bootable clone that you can boot from it and actually use it to confirm it's working and will restore.


    I suggest you look into bootable clones, I have several and they are simply wonderful.


    Most commonly used backup methods

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    I guess I should have used one of the two other back up apps I have, but what I did like about TM is that you could resore indivdual apps from it at one time in the past.


    Live and learn.


    Apple has just lost credibility with me.