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Good morning.


Has anybody had success using this with a Mac OS (any flavor)?


It seems like it would be a handy tool for folks still using classic.


Thanks for your time.

PowerBook G4 (15-inch Double Layer SD), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Supported Operating Systems

    Macintosh OS 8.6
    Macintosh OS 9.0
    Macintosh OS 9.0.2
    Macintosh OS 9.0.3
    Macintosh OS 9.0.4
    Macintosh OS 9.1
    Macintosh OS 9.2
    Macintosh OS 9.2.1
    Macintosh OS 9.2.2
    Microsoft Windows 98
    Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
    Microsoft Windows Millennium
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    Microsoft Windows XP



    I'm thinking Classic may very well not work, that native OS8.6 to OS9.2.2 may be needed, since in Classic OSX handles the hardware.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    Would you happen to know what the last G4 PowerMac and PowerBook models were that will BOOT OS 9 AND have builtin SCSI access?


    I am trying to figure ways of using some old SCSI harddrives and a really nice Epson large format scanner (SCSI and OS 9 only).


    Regards from VT (where the sap still runs)

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    No PowerMac G4 with G4 built-in by Apple has built-in SCSI access.  (a few people have some upgrade CPUs whose firmware may still support 9 booting,

    inside the PowerMac G3 beige).


    PowerMac G3 beige was the newest G3 with built-in SCSI access. It supports up to Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X 10.2.8.


    PowerMac G4 MDD 1.25 Ghz with no Firewire 800, but with built-in Firewire 400 supports Mac OS 9.2.2 booting, and can take either Firewire SCSI from now defunct OrangeMicro and Ratoc,  PCI SCSI from ATO that support in some cases up to Mac OS X 10.4.11, or USB SCSI adapters.  Its maximum OS is Mac OS X 10.5.8, though under 10.5 and above, can't use Classic, but can still boot 9.2.2.  It does require a 9.2 installer disc that came prebundled with it to install 9.2.


    Powerbook G4 pre-2003 1 Ghz models with rear mounted USB and Firewire ports are very similar to the PowerMac G4 MDD 1.25 Ghz in their support, except you'd be looking at PCMCIA cards to try to accomplish what the PCI cards could do.


    Powerbook G3 Bronze a.k.a. Lombard are the last with built-in 29 and 30 pin (for SCSI Disk Mode you need the 30 pin adapter) SCSI.  These could boot up to 10.3.9 if their CPU wasn't misdesigned (a few were), and they came also with built-in USB, unlike the PowerMac G3 Beige.

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    Great info as always, thanks!

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    I recently got a SCSI CanoScan FS2710 film scanner and an Adaptec USBXChange adapter. I'm currently using the scanner with the USBXChange adapter on an Intel iMac running Snow Leopard and VueScan.


    I've also got a G4 Powermac with a SCSI PCI card but it looks like I don't need it.



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    Hello Henry..


    I am considering buying an Adaptec USBXChange to connect a SCSI device on the USB port of my MacBook Air running Lion. Where did you buy yours? Does it come with the driver's CD?



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    I got mine quite by chance. I bought the G4 PowerMac which had a SCSI card in from eBay so that I could use my SCSI film scanner, and in amongst the random bundle of leads which came with the PowerMac was the Adaptec USBXChange adapter. So, I used this with my iMac instead and sold the G4. No drivers were needed - just plug and play. Incidentally, the Adaptec has a socket to plug in a power supply  but doesn't come with one and doesn't need one.


    - Henry