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We have our internet direct connect to our PC and we use the wireless for our MacBook.


We are in Toronto and we had to have our modem reset by Rogers as it lost it's internet connection the other day and they couldn't get it working so they reset it from their end. When we finally got it back up it gave a conflicting IP error and they had me do an IP release and renew. Since then we cannot connect at all to the wireless with the MacBook. I am at a loss how to fix this. I have called Rogers and they were no help at all and told me to talk to Apple.


I can see our wireless network name and I try to connect but every time I do it says I have the wrong password (which I don't). I have confirmed our password with Rogers.


Airport has solid yellow light on all the time. I see no ip address etc.


Not sure what to look for or how to reconnect. Any help is appreciated. I have tried researching this. I am not great with a mac so not sure what Airport express etc is (sorry)





MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)