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When I sync the ipod through itunes, I get the message that syas my workouts have been uploaded to the Nike+ website;


however, when i go to that website, nothing shows up;


When I use the app on the phone, that appears without a problem; it is only the ipod that does not appear

Windows Vista
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    Are you using the same account (Login ID), which is an email address?  Select the iPod in iTunes.  Look on the row of "tabs" (that starts with Summary) and click on Nike + iPod there.  On that tab, it should show the Login ID being used. 


    When you click on Visit nikeplus.com there, it should go to the web site.  You don't see your workout data there?

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    Thanks for the reply;


    when I sync the iPod in iTunes, I automatically get a dropdown box that says that my workouts have been uploaded to Nike+; do  I want to go to Nike+ now?


    when I do, either then or later, the workouts are not there.


    As I noted above, the workouts from the app on my phone are there, but not from the iPod.


    My account login is an email address that is the same for both Apple and nike+

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    I don't know the reason.  You may need to contact Nike+.


    However, I did have a problem with Nike+ a while back.  I didn't care that much so I ignored it.  Later, I had to Restore my nano for a different reason.  Suddenly, when I synced after a run, everything started to work with Nike+ and the web site started to accept my workout data.

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    What iPod do you use?


    iPod Nano 7G is able to sync walks and runs, but only the runs are displayed on the Nike website.


    That is because Nike had two websites, one for the runs and one for the walks. The website for the walks was shut down a year ago and should be back in fall 2012, but til now, the site is down (http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/active).


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