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I need a way to install Lion on a new SSD without an install disc, and how to format it without a Mac.


Hello, just yesterday I opened up my MBP 13" Mid-2010 running 10.7.(4/5) (Not sure which it is, but I think it is 10.7.5) and the first thing I saw was Skype tring to sign in. It looked fine, untill I took a second look and I heard a strange clicking noise coming from my computer. The Sykpe signin page said "Disc I/O error" or something like that. I instantly knew there was something wrong with my hard drive. Tried rebooting, grey screen, strange clicking noise like most people with hard drive failure. I was devistated. It has worked minutes ago, then my brother gets off, I open it up,and the hard drive has failed. After I got over the initial shock, I googled "hard drive replacement" after searching for a while, I noticed most sites just showed how to UPGRADE your hard drive, cloning it and all. Well, heres my main problem. I had no time to clone. Luckily, I had started backup up a month ago, and all my data is safe on my external hard drive, but this is only a time machine backup. No OS. Now, most people can just put in their install disk and voila! But, I, sadly, do not have my install disk. No idea where it went, I just don't have it. So, I was wondering if there was any possible way to make a bootable USB or disk without having acsess to a Mac, or having to buy a disc. I bought Lion, and I'm hoping that there is a way to download this and put it on a USB, then boot my computer from it. Now, my second problem is formatting. I have no idea how to format my SSD, let alone without a Mac. If there is some way to format an SSD so that it will work with a MacBook Pro, that would be great.on a PC


IMPORTANT: No, I don't have ANY install discs, the only one I had, for Snow Leopard, is gone. And no, I don't have access to ANY Macs to format the SSD. Finally, I would really love to be able to do this all cost-free, as I have already purchased the Lion, and dont feel like buying a disc for it again.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.5)