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someone please help!!! i bout a macbook pro and i used the migration assistant to transfer everything from my pc the the macbook. it said it was sucsessful. i found the files in my utilities folder but i can not figure out how to use the itunes and or merge it with the one on my macbook. when i open the itunes on the desktop nothing is there. my old itunes has both uploaded music and bought music. i want all of the music transfered. any help appriciated. i couldnt find this answer anywhere on the site.

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    I have the same problem? I have found out that the migrated files cause a new user to be set up . You have to go to your  system preferences icon ( the black & white one with gears) open it up and clic on users & groups under title of System. In there you have to unlock the lock and go to the newly created user I think it shows up as a house. Clic on that and your system will change to that new user. Your files will be in this new users files. I found mine this way but even though I found them I still cannot move or transfer them into my I-Mac I-Tunes program.

    If anyone knows how we can do that we would be very thankful