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I accidentally clicked "Rebuild" this morning. I've had email **** ever since. Thanks, Apple, for such a neat tool!


I posted another thread about it. No one has helped.


The long'n'short seems to be that I still have all my mail -- it's all in my various mail folders in my Library folder. But I have no Sent mail displaying in Mail. I can SEARCH for and find some recent sent mail. (A search will sometimes also deliver many nonmatches, oddly.) My Draft emails all display but if I click on any there's no there there -- no text or contents.


My Mail is outta whack. How to get Mail to show the contents of my Library folders again?


Thanks, JP

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    ps: I wonder why the Forum blanked out that word above. I think I had written "doom." Certainly no offcolor word. I can't think of what it was exactly but I'm pretty sure. I can't even think of a "bad" word that I could've used or word that could've caused filtering. Oh well!


    My mail is STILL outta whack.


    I've gotten some partial advice that has helped me see how to do things a little bit, but now I'll try to move forward on my own...

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    Anyone use this Forum? Hello? Anyone here know how to use Mail? Any help appreciated!


    I messed up my Mail and dragged old stuff out and restarted it and reconnected to my server and now I want to put my old mail back into it. In fact, I *did* drag/copy thousands of old Sent mails back into the Sent folder in the POP folder but Mail will only acknowledge the one email I've sent. How do I get it to "see" all the mail in those POP folders?


    I can reimport mail easily into the "On My Mac" mailboxes, but not into the POP mailboxes that are up above in the menu under the "Mailboxes" header. These are the Inbox, Drafts, Sent. ACTUALLY, the Drafts finally were found or acknowledged or seen after not working for a few iterations. I've been trying all sorts of things, dragging old .plist files out, restarting, reconnecting.


    I have all my old mail. Mail just won't see it. HELP PLEASE!!! Thanks!

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    Should I try to Rebuild my POP boxes? I'm now getting advice to do this but would like a second opinion. My accidental use of Rebuild is what caused my woes to begin with!

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    Hi, all I can say is, if everything else is right, Rebuild should not lose any eMail, it's always worked here.

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    This was a helpful link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2133249?start=375&tstart=0


    Basically: import the mail into On My Mac then just copy it up into Inbox or Sent.


    This oddly resulted in duplicates, however. I haven't resolved this. It's better having 2 than none, though! (Thanks, nobody, for the help!)

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    Sorry I couldn't help, but glad to here you've made headway.

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    Whups, sorry, I didn't mean to include you in the 'nobodies'!  : )  I appreciate your efforts here and elsewhere.


    It's still a big mystery how it all works but I kludged it back into action.


    Now this duplication thing is a pain. There are even triples in a bunch of places!

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    I wonder, maybe move them all, out delete the folder, creaet the folder with one send, & import once again?

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    Several folders, including "On My Mac" folders, have the double/triple trouble. It's possible I could try to do an emptying then refilling. I'm hesitant because I've done so much and so much has been problematic that I hate to kind of start over again. I'm worried I'll find that they stop behaving once again! I don't really know which steps of the repair helped or hurt in which ways. Many steps seemed to have no effect or incomplete effects. It seems sketchy overall. Maybe I should just try a simple manual script! I can't say I've really learned much about Mail. I can't say I know what comp.a.m.p does or even Envelope Index, etc., etc. I guess I know that Import will put mail On My Mac -- that's about it. I guess I can manipulate it after that. But that's how I ended up with duplicates!

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    I really think at this point, the scxript is the best option, you have Mail backups right?