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This morning I was trying to open a file from the iCloud window of my Pages 0.9 - 4.2  on my iMac (Os 10.8.3) when I did so the window told me that I needed a new version of Pages and it sent my to the appstore, pointing to Pages 09 4.3.

I was shocked...another 17 euro to buy the some software I already have!!! Anyway...I was in a rush so I had to buy it...I tried to do so but the AppStore didn't want to sell it to me! It said: "This app is already istalled on your Mac, check for updates". Of course there were no updates to be downloaded...so I'm here asking for you help!

Thank you!


PS: the file I was trying to open had been created a few hours erlier on my iPad (updated to the latest IOS, 1.7)