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I recently changed my modem to Motorola SB6121 , and ever since my internet speed has been inconsistent.  I have tried restarting both the modem and airport extreme and the speed would be great for maybe 1-2 hrs, and it would start to decrease over time!  Is there anything setting I need to change to make this problem go away??  Please help~  thanks!

Airport Extreme
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    I recently replaced a leased cable modem with an SB6121 that i purchased connected with my extreme and my speed got even better than with the old modem. No issues with consistent speed either. When i switch the modem, with the help from my cable provider, i changed nothing on my extreme. Maybe you got a bad modem?

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    I already got a replacement of the modem from Amazon, but the issue is still there so I doubt it's the modem..


    I decided to buy it cuz leasing it overtime is going to cost more.. but now that it's not a leased modem, TWC isn't willing to help.  *****~~

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    Cable modem speeds will decrease over time as the speeds are reduced to accommodate historical signal/line conditions.


    If the speed falls below that which you're paying for, contact TWC as it's their problem, not your modem's.


    They can easily run a test on your line which will reveal issues on the line.