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Hi there!

There are troubles with Facebook Push notifications on my two iPhones 4 (iOS 6.1.2) and 4S (iOS6.1.3) and on my Macbook Pro 15 (OS X 10.8.3). There are no any push notifications about new messages or "likes" by integrated Facebook App and by Facebook app prom iTunes too. I have notifications in notification center about statuss updates and comments, but sounds there are no at all. Everything in settings are switched on:



-Facebook/Account Settings/Notifications/Mobile Push


I have done anything i can. Signed Out from all apps, deleted Facebook App, swithed off and then swithed on notifications, Signed In again and again. What can i do to solve this problem? I realy need notifications about messages on iOS and OS X.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    If someone has the same problem, like me, i have a solution. There is the way, how solve this truble.

    -First of all you need to open in Facebook App on iPhone Account settings/Notifications/Mobile Push and swith all off.

    -Then you need to sign out from application and delete it.

    -You can remove you account from your OS X and iOS 6.

    -Then you need to remove all web cookies and history from Settings/Safari on your iPhone.

    -Swith off your iPhone for at least 5 minutes.

    -On your desctop browser in your Facebbok in search bar write Facebook and open "Facebook for iPhone" app, there click on "Remove".

    -Install Facebook App. Log in and in Facebook/Account settings/Notifications/Mobile Push swith all you need to ON.

    -If you need, you can log in Facebook on your OS X and iOS 6.


    Thats all!

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    I frogot about one point in this instructions:


    -On your desktop browser in your Facebbok in search bar write Facebook and open "Facebook for iPhone" app, there click on "Remove".

    !After that you need to finde Facebook Messenger for iPhone and delete it too.!

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    I really hoped this would resolve the issue but it didn't work for me. In addition to facebook there are other 3rd party apps that show the visual notification but no audible notification. The list includes Instagram, CNN, USA Today, etc...


    One of the few that do work have their own notification tone, like the ESPN SportsCenter app.

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    Well, you guys aren't the only ones.  For about a week now, none of my push notifications are working.  Some of my friends have noticed that as well.  I don't get notificaitons for mail, or Draw Something, or Scrabble, and those are only three apps I use very often.  I haven't been able to get any help for this at all, I finally booked an appt at Genius Bar, we'll see what kind of geniuses they really are.

    I thried everything:

    - reboot phone

    - sign out or delete app and reinstall

    - reset my notifications settings

    - checked router

    - checked WiFI:  no notifications if on WiFI OR on 3G

    - updated all apps

    - updated to ios 6.1.3

    What else can I do???

    I think this is another crApple problem, how can things just all of a sudden stop working???  They REALLY have got to work on this!

    If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know!  Thanks

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    Guys, you must follow my instructions and you will see - it works.

    I have nice working notifications with sounds of all messages and any other activity on Facebook on my iPhone and oh my Mac without any issues.


    But the main step in instruction is:


    On desktop version of Facebook you must find "Facebook messenger for iPhone" and at this page on the right press "Remove". After thet make the same steps on "Facebook for iPhone". After thet sign out from Facebook app on your iPhone, reinstall it, remove all web history and cookies on your iPhone in "Settings/Browser", and sign in again.

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    I've tried this multiple times, it doesn't resolve all issues. The no sound issue on iOS is a bigger issue then just Facebook. Most 3rd party apps are doing the same thing. THe exceptions are the ones that include their own sound notifications within the app.

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    I've had this same issue since last September on my iPhone 4. I've  reported it many times to facebook w/o hearing anything back. The message  notification works but not the regular notifications.

    I refuse to jailbreak my phone so the only thing I've been able to do  is set my facebook back from "banners" to "alerts" so they'll be on my  home screen and I've changed my facebook email address to a new email  only used for my facebook and twitter accounts and created a custom  alert tone for that email address. That way any notifications that pop  up will be emailed to the address and when I hear the alert go off I  know to check for the new notifications.... And the twitter  notifications still work fine and play sounds so it's definitely  something on the facebook side that's not being fixed, not on Apple's.

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    I had this issue on my 4s since some months ago, and i've tried everything. I found the solution by chance:

    My 'Do not disturb' option was set to be on from 00:00 to 07:00 hrs. I disabled it an voilà, my facebook push notifications started to work.

    There might be a conflict with this functionality in particular with the facebook app.

    I hope this help you too.



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    Ok so apparently they FIXED it!!


    -Go to the facebook app on phone

    -Go to Account Settings

    -Go to Notifications

    -Go to Mobile Push

    -Look at the top of the screen and it said "Sound for push notifications"

    -Edit it to ON for all notifications


    They fixed it  I now receive sounds for notifications!!!!!


    Tell people that are having this issue please