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I am new to the server.

I have install the server behind a smarthub supply by my telephone company.

I have a static internet address.

During the night, the server did something that consume 4gb of data usage on my account.

Is there a log file for me to consult in order to know what happen last night.

I stop all the services in the server.


I have play with the DNS and that is maybe the problem.


In the DNS setup I gave the router static ip for the forwarding servers.


does this create something like a Ping-Pong game between the internet and the intranet


I have one machine that act as the server and the client. I was in the process to learn how to serve Web pages from my server to the internet.


I'll parreciate any clues from you in order not to have this again.






MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)