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Hi everyone! This is the first time I´ve posted a question here, so please be patient. I have a 2007 macbook white with 10.5 mac os leopard. Lately a was having trouble with low free space left so I decided to clean some unused files. Accidentally I erased some (I don´t know which ones) that I shouldn´t have from the libraries folder. Since I couldn´t start my mac, I decided to do a "archive and install" with the install disks. Everything wen´t fine and my mac came back to life, BUT now a had even fewer space left due to these new second mac osx installation. Since I needed to retrieve some space I selected the files from the just made "previous system folder" and the deleted it. I finally got some free space left and thought it had gone ok UNTIL I restarted the mac and got a flashing question mark. Now I can´t solve it with any of the key startup combinations, and when I insert the install disks the disk utility doesn´t find my HD. What has happened??!! I´ve got a big hunch that I´m screwed, what do you think?? Thank you all

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.3)