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OK. Have a 84 year old that has a hard time seeing the screen. I've been able to adjust Safari's resolution to accomadate him however, I would like to adjust the screen resolution. When I open preference's / displays, it doesn't have an option to adjust. Is there a way? Maybe thourgh terminal? The computer is the new 27" iMac purchased on April 6, 2013 from Apple. Yes, it is the newest iMac without the disk (DVD) drive. It's running Mountian Lion.

Anyone have some direction on how to solve this enigma???



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    You can select "scaled" in the Display tab of the Displays system preference and get a selection of resolutions. LCD displays go a bit fuzzy, though, when run at lower than their native resolutions, so I'd suggest you leave the resolution at the native setting and try your friend with the Zoom feature you'll find in the Accessibility system preferences. That may work better for him.



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    The purchase date isn't the important info here.  The actual model of the iMac is and this info is in the model identifier.  For example, I have a late-2012 iMac, model identifier is iMac 13,2.  I will add that there is no 2013 model available.  The most recent at this time is the late-2012 model which I have.


    On my display if I select Apple->System Preferences->Displays then press the button "Display" I am presented with a screen which shows Resolution and Scaled as button options.  "Best for built-in display" is the default, however, clicking on "Scaled" brings up the various resolutions that can be used with the display:Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 11.22.09 AM.png

    From this I can select a display with larger items, but keep in mind that while a larger image can be selected (using a smaller width x height value) it will not be as crisp and sharp as the default.

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    OK. I'm out of town working on a system. I get back on either Thursday or Friday. I think? I did open "scaled" and, didn't see that option. However, I will have to keep an open mind. I've haven't had the time to review the new Imacs in depth so, I let you both know what's up.

    Aside from that, thanks a lot!! 

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    Worked, but the old **** moved stuff around and screwed up the computer. Took me 4 hours to fix it and get the thing running right.

    Thanks for the advice. Can't see how I missed that?? Duh...

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    Worked... Thanks.