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Using iTunes on my PC i upgraded my iphone to os 6.1.3 (from 6.1) and now i have lost the last 2 weeks of my notes on my iphone and Itunes did not complete a sync prior. How do i get my notes back? the prior syncs are too old. I sync with Outlook and use MS exchange too

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    dragonflyrf wrote:


    Itunes did not complete a sync prior. How do i get my notes back?

    You don't.

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    when will Apple fix this DEFECT in OS upgrading???

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    What defect? YOU are the one who didn't back up your data before updating...

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    On the contrary, i did sync before i upgraded (i'm not stupid, though your note suggests I am). It turns out that Itunes didn't sync properly and didn't tell me that something went wrong.


    It is an Apple DEFECT. Do you really think it is reasonable to upgrade an OS and cause iPhone to randomly lose saved information and then expect the user to go back to ITunes and reload synced files? That is hardly reasonable or customer friendly.  It's flat out ridiculous and bad engineering and bad QC.

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    You stated that it didn't sync prior to your attempting to update. You didn't qualify that with anything about it not giving you an error to indicate it didn't, etc.


    WHAT were you syncing your notes with? and when was the last time you synced it prior to this? Why do you believe that the sync prior to updating did not work correctly other than the fact that you're missing notes?

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    it was set to sync notes with Outlook when i plug in my Iphone to my computer. Unfortunately i have not synced recently. I thought it was syncing yesterday when i plugged it in. ITunes told me that it had found a new OS and asked if i wanted to install it or just download it. I set it to just download so i could be sure to sync first. I assumed the system then synced the phone since it was plugged in and it normally does it automatically. Today i upgraded to the new OS and discovered that my notes for the past two weeks are missing. They are not in outlook and there is no recent sync listed in the iTunes backup.


    Also, i've just discovered that the notes have actually not been syncing with my outlook for a longer time period. It was originally set to Sync with outlook. I just now changed it to Sync over the cloud using the iPhone setting but they still are not syncing with outlook. When i change the setting back on my Iphone to remove it from the cloud settings, it now doesn't change the setting in ITunes under info back to sync with Outlook. No idea what the problem is.


    I assume all is lost as I guess Apple engineered its outlook update to write its new OS over the top of existing customer files.  Again, really bad engineering. Let's hope this is not the future of Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone.