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I originally purchased a trial version of Aperture and it has been my primary post-editing tool for some years now. I have updated it regularly to the most recent versions. I now want to move it over to my desktop to take advantage of the large screen and faster processing speed. When I enter the serial number showing on my software it prompts me for the "original" serial number of the trial version that I originally downloaded. I cannot find that original number - I did not imagine that I would need it once I had purchased the full version and this was several years ago. Does anyone know how to overcome this or a number I can call to walk through the issue with an anppropriate Apple tech?

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    You do not need the Trial Serial number, if you have a full serial number.


    But did you buy a full licence for Aperture 3 or an upgrade licence from Aperture 2? If you have a full Aperture 3 licence, the serial number you are seeing in Aperture from the main menu "Aperture > About Aperture" should be sufficient on your new Desktop.


    But if you bought an upgrade serial number for Aperture 2 and not a full Aperture 3 licence, you also need to enter the Aperture 2 licence key.


    If your current serial number does not work, contact Apple for a replacement serial number. You will need a proof of purchase, however.


    See: Pro Application Replacement Serial Numbers


    Troubleshooting Professional Application Serial Numbers





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    In addition you can download the trail application from here Aperture 3.1 Trial


    Installing from the dmg will give you better results then trying to copy the application from one system to another.


    Once you have downloaded it use the serial number you paid for to authorize it, not the temporary trail serial number you received when you first loaded the trial.