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Allright so

I was recently imposed with quite a bothering issue with my iMac.

I was on internet and sudently see all my desktop icons disapear one by one (i dident have many)

I then close a windows saying the folowing : " coping all files towrads..."

So now I don't have any of my shortcuts and i chekc my bin and it's empty and i try and open up my desktop through

finder but I just simply can't clic on Desktop in the finder it jst doesn't open up.


I had a back up of all my fils but i still can't acces it a week later and it is quite anoying.


This is what is says when i try and place a fils on my desktop : "You can drop items in "Desktop" but you will not see them. Would you like to continue?

Other users with sufficient privileges can use the elements." I just don't get it i am admin on my own computer and I can't acces those files.

And when i try and create a new file on my desk top I get this :  They ask me for my acces code like the one I enter to open up my computer when i turn it on.

So I enter it and it does not shake (unlike when the password is incorect) and then the windows just disapears and nothing happens...


Please help me !? I have allready asked a computer programmer but he had now clue about what that issue was.


Mabye you could help me ?


Thanks in advance

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)