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Hi folks,


I had to have my device replaced by Apple yesterday. Like many others, I have been enjoying having Gmail pushed to the native mail app for many years via setting it up as a Microsoft Exchange account. I know that they discontinued new activations of this for regular consumers, but I didn't realize there was no other way to receive push Gmail to the native iOS mail app. I do not like the Gmail app and I will only use the iOS mail app as I need to have access to multiple inboxes all at once - is there currently ANY way for me to get my Gmail account pushed to it?


I am confused as to why when you set it up as a 'Gmail' account in the settings it cannot be pushed - is this something that Apple has to support or Google? My Yahoo and iCloud accounts Push and I was under the impression they used the same IMAP protocol as Gmail?


Anyway, I don't have high hopes as I've searched for the past 24 hours to try and figure it out. I know that paid Google Apps users for business can continue to activate devices via Exchange. Here's a question - can I, as a consumer, pay for Google Apps and have Exchange enabled? I know I can sign up for a business account, but that forces me to create a custom business email (@yourdomain.com) which I do not want to do, I simply want to continue using my Gmail address, which I do use for work, with Microsoft Exchange.


Honestly if there's a way, I'll do it. Push Gmail to the native iOS app is something I guess I took for granted, but I'll definitely pay $50/year for it if I have to, or even CAN. Fetch every 15 minutes (which I need due to the amount of email I get) just drains my battery life like mad.


Thanks for any tips or support that anybody can provide!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Google terminated support for Exchage Active Sync, which provides push, for non-paid accounts earlier this year. Devices that were already set up to use EAS for a gmail account can continue to use it that way. You can no longer set up any device with a gmail account configured as an Exchange account, however.


    It's not up to Apple. It's up to Google. There is a cost involved with providing access to e-mail via EAS that google is not willing to pay.

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    I understand that they terminated support for it for free accounts and that they have a cost involved and all of that. I know that devices that it is configured on can continue to use it, you will just not be able to set it up on new devices.


    What my question was about it being up to Apple or Google was not in relation to Exchange, it was push email via IMAP similar to the way that iCloud mail and Yahoo mail works on iPhones. If you set up a Yahoo mail account on iOS via the Yahoo mail button and not Exchange, it still supports push mail via IMAP (just like iCloud mail). In order for Gmail accounts configured via IMAP on iOS to get push mail, is it Apple or Google that has to make a software change? IMAP works the same for Gmail as it does for Yahoo mail, so that's why I am confused.


    I was also inquiring as to whether or not it is possible to pay for Google EAS services without registering a business domain with them.



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    Google. And I would not expect to see them do it any time soon... They need something they can tout as being better on Android after all....


    The free gmail app from Google in the app store supports push, as do Mailbox and a number of other 3rd party mail client.


    As for the ability to pay for the service without registering a domain, you would have to ask Google.