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I had to format my internal disk drive on my MacBook Pro, and reload Mountain Lion 10.8.3.   The startup assistant could not see my external disk drive with the Time Machine backup files.  After many tries I told it to skip restoring the files and let it boot up.  I was able to see my 1 TByte external drive and could see the Time Machine files using Finder.


I started the Migration Assistant and told it to migrate from Time Machine Files on an external drive.  It also did not see the backup drive.  The only drive icon it showed was the Macintosh HD (my internal drive).  


Isn't it supposed to show you the drive you are moving the files from?  I tried starting it and it looked like it was going to try to migrate the files from the internal drive (to where I don't know, back to itselfl?)  Or  do I just not understand.  Is it seeing the external drive, without identifying it (in the Migration Asst,)?


Really looks like it is going to back up  the internal HD with files that are on the internal HD and not from Time Machine.


I need to restore my files and have been told I need to do so using Migration Assistant and not Time Machine.


Help pleae and soon, need to get my taxes finished!



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 15" Early 2011, i7 quad core, 8 GB
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    I'm surprised that no one replied to this.  But I learned a few things that may be helpful to some of you with this same question.


    When you restore data from an external disk drive with Time Machine files on it.  As you move through the dialog (in either System Startup or in the Migration Assistant) it will ask if you want to restore from an external disk with Time Machine files.  If you select this option, it will show you only one Icon.  You will expect to see your external disk drive listed as the source of the restore.  The icon that is shown will look like your ilnternal drive and will be labeled something like Macintosh HD.  That is not your internal drive, but is your backup drive.  It is labeled  the same as your internal disk drive and it is telling you that you have found the backup for your internal disk drive.


    Would be nice if Apple would put a note of explanation about this as part of that dialog.  I wasted several hours trying to make it work  Finally I took a chance and selected the drive shown and it did restore my system.  I ended up with two users since I did it from Migration Assistant.  Had I done it from the System Startup, there would only be the one user.