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I am currently a student and I have many different papers going on at a time.  I am also a father of two boys, so I would like to  be able to work on these papers whenever inspiration strikes.  If I have an idea can I put it in my paper on my iPad or iPhone 4 with Pages (or some other app) and then when I have the time go to my computer and work on my paper with out having to email it to myself or downloading it from iCloud, then uploading it back to iCloud when I am done?


I feel like I should be able to do this is 2013 even though Microsoft and Apple do not play well with each other. 


Thank you for your time.


A very behind college student.

Windows 7
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    You can do this in 2013, but your computer needs to be a Mac.



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    If I have an idea can I put it in my paper on my iPad or iPhone 4 with Pages (or some other app)


    A plain text editor will create a document that any word processor on any platform (IBM or Mac) can open. How about a USB memory stick to transfer between machines? I know that works because I do it. Not sure if the stick needs a particular format.




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    Yes it does, leave the USB stick formatted to the FAT 32 it came with then both the Mac and PC can read it.


    Not a solution for the iPad though.




    Try DropBox. Install it on your iPad and your PC to then make your files accessible to both. Not a perfect solution though as you will be transferring and converting between Pages on the iPad and Word on Windows, which is an extra step and not perfect. At some point the conversion is not going to work perfectly and you will have problems.


    Pages is not a substitute for Word and vice versa. As Yellowbox suggests, use a simpler Word Processing app. or Text Editor that will maintain basic formatting, and saves and opens in either .rtf, .txt or doc.