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Hi there. The Apple website says that the shoe sensor is not required for tracking runs with the latest Nano (gen 7). However, when I try to track my run, it says it can't link to the sensor. What sensor do they mean, if not the one that attaches to the shoe. Do I need to purchase one?




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    I was just reading some stuff on the Nike+ web site for use with my 5th gen nano, and I came across this




    I recalled your topic question because I was curious about this myself.  If I buy a 7th gen nano, I was curious about whether I can continue to use my shoe sensor, because I think using the shoe sensor will be more accurate than using the nano's built-in accelerometer.  I use the shoe sensor in a little Marware "pouch" that attaches to the laces of my New Balance shoes.


    That web page says I have a a choice of using the shoe sensor or the nano's accelerometer.  If your nano got set up somehow to use a shoe sensor, that setting needs to toggled off, as described on the linked web page.

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    Thanks, Kenichi.


    I called the Apple store yesterday and was told that to track running, I needed the shoe sensor. The Nano will track walking on its own.



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    But that's not actually true, according to the Nike+ info...


    "The 7th generation iPod nano can be used with the Nike+ Running Sensor (using Bluetooth capabilities) or without (using the iPod nano's built-in accelerometer). "


    and under the section titled, Generation 7 iPod nano without Nike+ Running Sensor


    "tap the Fitness icon on your home screen, tap the "i" icon in the lower right-hand corner to access Fitness Settings, tap "Nike + iPod Sport Kit > Sensor," and toggle the Sensor button to the "off" position."


    Then, it's supposed to use the nano's built-in accelerometer.

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    I'll try that on tomorrow's run. Thank you!

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    But after I do that, how do I set my program?

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    I don't have one, so this is from the linked article and my experience with a 5th gen nano.  To set it up, it says...


    • On your iPod nano's home screen, tap the Fitness icon.
    • Tap the "i" icon in the lower rightt-hand corner to access your Fitness Settings.
    • Input your height and weight (under Personal Info) and select your units of measurement and distance.


    So, once you've entered your personal information, a one-time deal, when you want to do a run, on my 5th gen nano, I do the following (the first time)


    main iPod screen -> Nike+iPod -> Nike+iPod ->Basic (or other workout type)


    and then it tells me to walk around to activate the shoe sensor (which would not be needed in your case) and then prompts me to start my workout (press the center button).


    If I want to repeat the same type of workout, it saves the options used before, so I can select


    main iPod screen -> Nike+iPod -> Basic Workout

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    I get those prompts when I have "sensor on" selected, but I get no prompts at all when I do. Thanks for the tip about pressing the center button to start the workout. Maybe if I do that tomorrow, it will all work out:-) If not, I'll just run with the "walk" option until I get around to buying the shoe sensor.


    Thanks again for your help.

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    I think the shoe sensor will be more accurate (because it actually measues movement of your foot), so I do not discourage you from getting one, whether you get the "no sensor" mode to work or not. 


    One more note... My nano does not have a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so I needed the Nike+iPod kit that comes with the shoe sensor AND a Bluetooth receiver that connects to the iPod's dock connector.  Your nano has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so you only need the shoe sensor (available separately), which costs $10 less than the "kit."

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    Thanks, Kenichi. Yes, the shop said I'd need just the sensor, which runs about $25 or so in Canada, I think.

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    So I finally figured out how to use it without the sensor. After you select the type of workout, you actually have to select a song. Once you do that, it takes you to the button to start the workout. I kept getting hung up on that step, because I didn't see the point of selecting the song first...

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    Oh, right...  You need to select a playlist (not a particular song), correct?  The first time, I remember selecting a playlist to use during the workout.  After that, it lets me choose the same workout choice, so I never did that step again. 


    I can choose "shuffle" as my playlist (instead of a particular playlist), which is what I have been using for my runs.


    Do the distance and pace measurements seem reasonably accurate, using the built-in accelerometer?

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    It seems pretty accurate. Yes, I shuffle my tunes as well, but I do have a particular playlist I use for running and set it to shuffle within that.