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I miss system 10.4 where spotlight would tell you where the item it located on the hard drive. Now with 10.7 all I have is the ability to open, but not a way to move and organized. Everything gets scattered all over creation. Very frustrating. This is one of my greatest frustration with Lion. The other two are all the popup windows that keep opening every three seconds I try to scroll the screen. I have to stop wnat I was doing, thinking and close the **** popup. Then it opens again. The other frustration is selecting text. It was so easy in 10.4. Now I have to tap the pad several time to get it into the select text mode. Some day I'm going to loose it and trash this computer. I had to let go of 10.4 because of all the hacking robots in the internet.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)